The Environmental Programs Department (EPD) is the Tribe's headquarter along with Community Health Center for information to protect public and environmental health from toxic releases, pollutions and diseases.

Locally- and organically-grown food and clean water is essential to health. Our effort includes bringing fresh food to Tribe's Communities. Read more!

Infectious diseases that concern the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe's Communities and the greater Four Corners and Colorado Plateau region are listed. Also common causes that contaminate the indoor air of homes, offices and schools are listed below. The impacts of these causes are influenced greatly by the complex environmental factors, such as climate fluctuation, animal migration, and/or urban encroachment, etc. and human interactions, such as pre-existing conditions, exposure time, and/or activities. The EPD's goal is to increase the awareness of threats and arm the Tribal members with information, so when in doubt, they will be able to take a quick actions.

Air-borne Virus



Animal-borne Bacteria



Insect-borne Virus

West Nile Virus
St. Louise Encephalitis
Western Equine Encephalitis

Indoor Air Contaminants

Carbon monoxide
Cigarette smoke


Other Potential Toxins

Expired pills