Ground Water

Ground Water Protection

Ground water is a very valuable resource for the UMUT. From the springs in the Ute Mountains to the deep aquifers that supply domestic water to the residents of the White Mesa, Utah Community, this resource is critical to the health and welfare of Tribal Members. Wildlife and livestock of the UMUTL depend ongroundwater springs and wells, contributing to the importance of the resource in regards to Tribal welfare and traditional Ute culture.

The UMUT Council adopted a Ground Water Protection Plan (GWPP) to protect these valuable resources in 2004. The Plan describes the different ground water resources; their value and uses to the Tribe; their vulnerability to specific pollutants; land uses that may affect ground water; and the plan establishes protocols and requirements of land users to prevent the pollution of those ground water resources, respectively.

Ground water is also connected to surface water, and this interaction is very important in recycling nutrients, binding pollutants, and purifying surface water. Wetlands are also critical in purifying surface water and ground water at that interactive zone.

The Tribe’s Tamarisk control program seeks to reduce the consumption of ground water in riparian zones by those invasive plant species. By raising the ground water table, it is anticipated that it will have a positive impact on surface water quantity and quality.

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