Present Activities

Further evaluation of air quality has been on-going within the airshed that is shared with two coal powered generating stations both less than 30 miles away, and numerous oil and gas production facilities on the oil- and natural gas-rich Colorado plateau.

The UMUT AQ Program routinely submits reports to EPA Region 8 per the 103 Grant obligations on a quarterly basis. These are updates on the program which include schedules, milestones, data requirements, and budget reports. Recently, the UMUT AQ Program has become an Air Quality System (AQS) user and submits regulatory-defensible data to the database. The AQS, maintained through EPA, contains ambient air pollution data collected by EPA, state, local, and tribal air pollution control agencies from over thousands of monitors throughout the country.

To meet the grant qualifications, specifically 40 CFR Part § 31.45 Quality Assurance, the AQ Program has developed Quality Assurance Project Plans for each program.

The AQ Program is also drafting an application to EPA for status of Treatment in the same manner As a State or TAS. With TAS, the AQ Program will be fully eligible for CAA Section 105, a monitoring program for air quality. In addition, other administrative sections under the CAA can be adopted. The TAS is the first step in acquiring measures for Tribal Sovereignty under the CAA.