Nonpoint Source Pollution

Nonpoint Source (NPS) Pollution is pollution that comes from diffuse sources, or sources that do not start at one specific location. NPS Pollution is, generally, a lot of small amounts of pollutants from several or more sources that are not major sources alone, but when they are combined they can cause large pollution issues.

  • NPS Pollution differs from and does not include point sources (PS) that are regulated through the Clean Water Actís National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). PS are ones that flow from pipes and have permits issued by states or EPA specifying what can be discharged. Construction storm water pollution is also now regulated as a point source, except for those who have been exempted, including construction disturbing under 1 acre of land and any development by the oil and gas industry.
  • NPS pollution is addressed by Section 319 of the Clean Water Act. Section 319 describes the process for qualifying for EPA funding to reduce NPS pollution and how the federal government will dispense that funding. For States and Tribes to qualify, they must first write an assessment of NPS of pollution in their watersheds and a management plan for how they in tend to reduce that pollution. The EPA must then approve these documents as being appropriate and comprehensive. Once that is complete, States and Tribes can apply for competitive project funding and non-competitive program base funding.
  • The UMUT has an EPA-approved NPS Assessment Report and Management Program Plan. They are available to read on the EPA website.
  • The UMUT is in the process of developing a watershed plan and project proposals for various watersheds, and new projects to mitigate NPS pollution are likely to begin in Fiscal Year 2007.
  • Many projects have already been undertaken by the Tribe to mitigate NPS of water pollution. Read about these in the documents described above.


Nonpoint Source Assessment

Nonpoint source assessment which identifies nonpoint source pollution problems on UMUTL.


Nonpoint Source Management Program Plan

The UMUT is pursuing activities that will result in clean water for the Tribe. The purpose of this management plan is to outline the Tribeís program for addressing the nonpoint sources of pollution that were identified in the UMUT NPS Source Assessment.